These Terms & Conditions are there to ensure smooth operations between us, and form tentative agreement. Because we strive to serve you better we are openly keen to work around any of the areas below to satisfy your requirements. It is written here just to let you know that we try hard to work with standards and deliver with standards.

Feel free to contact us any time and state your requirements, we will work around and ensure we can deliver and meet your requirements.

For Wholesale Regular Partners: We will NOT change these terms and conditions without have a discussion with you and seek how any change may impact your operations.

For Other Partners: we ask you to bare with us, we will ensure that your operation will not get impacted by any change.

Prices Will be based on our discussions and samples we provide, and since we provide customized solution, prices may vary from customer to customer. It will depend on many variables, some to name includes white labeling, transportation, and logistics, as well as the ingredient you may required for the products.

Each Partner Group has different requirements for opening the account, and that is because the different agreements related to payments and delivery will be taking place. the points below shows the requirements for each partner group. bare in mind, all of these will be processed during our working relationship together.


  • We should have agreed and finalized the requirements.

  • Documents Required: Ensure the following documents and information are available before you start filling the application.

    1. CR Registration Copy.
    2. Locations and Addresses.
    3. Contact Information for each Location.
    4. Application Form Filled. (Download The Application Form).


Nothing, just order online, follow the process and register

All of our products are handmade. Due to the nature of our production method, each product may vary slightly.