• Website Launched

Website Launched

Finally, We are happy that we launched our website.

We are in business since September 2016 and were working hard to deliver the best of the solutions and products to our valued partners.

This website is part of those critical services we wanted to provide.

The website consist of 3 major parts as follows:

This part consist of information about the products and services we are providing in details. It is the building block of the information about our passion.

We are in direction of building the best possible online solution to our partners, wholesale as well as retail partners, to provide the maximum possibility of easing the services

The Newsletter Part, where we will be sharing our updates and new services as we go long, and we will be opening this channel to get feedback from you on they we are progressing.

we are keeping it simple at this time

Explore our website www.thebaker.me and let us know your comments.

The Baker Team,
Shuaib S. Bin Mahfooz

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